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We start with a Free 30-Minute Phone Consultation (Click Here to schedule it now). During this call we answer your first questions and determine how we are able to work for you. We then will set up an initial consultation to meet with you, or your family member at your home. 

We come out to your home and perform a '20 Check-Points of Care Assessment.'  This is a comprehensive evaluation of your living experience, covering everything from a safety assessment of your home, to a hospital preparation plan, in the event of an emergency.


We will then help identify your healthcare needs, and formulate a health and wellness care plan, based on your personal needs and wellness goals. 

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'20-CheckPoints of Care Assessment'

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The best care

Below you will find a sampling of the extensive clinical experience we bring to you, based on our 60 years in Healthcare service

  • In-patient and Out-patient care navigator and case management

  • Cardio-Pulmonary Rehabilitation

  • Cardiac/Telemetry

  • Nutrition research and consultation

  • Wellness coaching

  • Exercise consulting

  • Peri-operative healthcare

  • Peri-procedural (Endoscopic) healthcare

  • Home healthcare supervision

Here are some other ways we can help

My symptoms are changing, should I go to the doctor?

Our Patient Advocates can address your concerns, review your symptoms and help you determine if a doctor visit is necessary. In addition, we can help you with transportation, as well as, sit in with you at your doctor's visit.

I'm getting insurance invoices that I don't recognize...

We will assist you with the investigative process of determining what certain charges are for, as well as rectifying charges that were mistakenly billed to you.

My mother is living in Florida, how can I help her from here?

We cater to out of state family members. We can provide an assessment of the patient's needs, to ensure that they are "doing well", go to a doctor's appointment with the patient, make sure that the patient gets any necessary testing done, and more. Everything gets documented and sent to you, as the client, so that you are able to stay updated and informed. And most importantly, rest assured.

Are you "Hurricane" ready?

Just as with a hurricane we prepare you for the 'just-in-case' scenarios. Benefits of early preparation include, having time to prepare a sound plan of action, in the event of a medical emergency. This enables doctors and medical staff to have immediate access to your medical history, medications, allergies, etc., all in the Patient profile we prepare. It also provides quick communication to family and friends, to alert them of the event, since a list of names and numbers are prepared ahead of time. Preparation in advance of an emergency, will provide a much easier transition, during a time, when your health emergency is all you should be focusing on.

My Dad needs surgery and I can't be there with him...

We can help the patient prepare for surgery, provide oversight of his hospital care, before and after surgery. We can then report back to you on their progress, every step of the way.

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