"Trust us... 

we got this"

We want to earn your confidence and develop a trust relationship with you!  We offer to you over 4 decades of combined nursing, case management and healthcare advocacy experience.  It is our desire to build a relationship with our clients that exemplifies trust, based on many years of faithfully serving the healthcare needs of the public.  Our first and foremost goal, is to advocate for the needs and rights of our clients.

Patricia Dufour, owner

Hear from some of our clients

Meet Verla from Sarasota

"When I recently fell at home, I didn't now whether or not to go to the doctor's office to get checked out. 


I called Patricia, and she and I discussed the pros and cons of the decision.  I ended up deciding  to go to my doctor, and was glad that she was there with me, taking notes, so that I could share the information later, with my family. 


I was thankful to have her to call on!"

And Sara from Sarasota

"I was recently in the hospital, feeling quite ill and weak.  I didn't feel like the medical staff was doing a very good job of keeping me informed about my test results and treatments. 


I didn't know where I would be going when I got discharged, or when it would happen. 


Patricia stepped in and quickly got the information that I wanted from the staff as well as, arranged a meeting that day with the case manager. 


I was able to be discharged within 2 days to a nice rehab center and felt better knowing that she was monitoring my care and progress."

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