What is a Patient Advocate?

Your "Professional Relative"

Suncoast Patient Advocates was established out of a growing desire that my colleagues and I have for an increasing need to advocate for our patients in the midst of a sometimes overwhelming healthcare system. 


Despite all the wonderful advances that medicine has made in recent decades, many times the patients themselves get lost in the system.  So often, healthcare providers don't have the time to fully explain to the patient what they need to know about their condition, necessary testing, test results, options for treatment and possible outcomes, etc...   

That's where we come in! 


We advocate for you, or your family member, to ensure that you have the information that you need to make good healthcare decisions, whether it's about changing medications, or whether or not you should have surgery.  We do not make decisions for you.  We simply help provide information to assist you in making informed decisions.


We help you determine what questions are important to ask your healthcare practitioners about diagnosis and treatment. We like to think of it as empowering our patients to better participate in making their healthcare decisions.

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