COVID-19 (Coronavirus)


Don't handle this on your own...

The COVID-19 pandemic has effected the lives of millions of Americans. We know this can be a scary event for the elderly and their children (many thousands of miles away from mom and dad) Suncoast Patient Advocates are working to bring comfort, education and guidance to those in the Tampa Bay Area. Here's how we help:

  • Home visits - Checking in with clients daily

  • Education - New information and orders from federal, state, and local leaders are changing daily. Let us relay the latest information to your loved ones

  • Get Questions Answered - Don't "Google" your questions.  Let us answer your questions, putting you at ease

  • Stay Updated - We will update your loved ones with the latest information regarding your parent and the current pandemic situation in the Tampa Bay Area

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Are you ready for Telehealth?

Doctor visits are changing for the foreseeable future. Technology will play a big part including virtual doctor visits called Telehealth. 


Our Advocates are available to facilitate this new telecommunication system coming to your healthcare providers.  Advocates are available to come to your home and setup your laptop or iPad so you don't need to stress or worry.  ​

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