Flexible Service

Whether you need day-to-day assistance or an occasional question answered, Suncoast Patient Advocates is custom tailored to your needs.  Read below for just a few of the wonderful benefits you'll receive while under the supervision of a Patient Advocate. 


Medical Appointment Advocate and Partner - We can come with you, help you with asking your doctor appropriate questions and ensure that you leave with a complete understanding of your visit.


Empower you! - Create a Plan of Care that sets you up for success for the future.  Instead of just "taking it as it comes."


Be the Professional Relative - We can serve as your "eyes and ears" if you don't live locally and would like a "watchful eye" over your family member. We can provide regular email or phone updates to you, providing you with peace of mind. 

Doctor and Patient
The average patient only retains 49% of doctor's orders
-Brown University Study
Imagine the results if you retained 100%
We review your doctors orders and even come along to your appointments.  Ensuring you understand and follow all of your doctors directions.  

How we can help...

Assist in determining if a doctor's office visit is necessary, and to accompany our client, if desired,  to the doctor's office to help provide with giving the doctor information about your condition, as well as gathering accurate information about your visit (new Doctor's orders, testing, treatment instructions)

Benefit:  You don't have to struggle in determining alone, whether or not an office appt is necessary, and will have help giving the doctor the necessary information about your problem.  You also will have written instructions of all of the information he gave you during the visit. 

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