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The medical system is tough to navigate. Let us help you focus on your health and we take care of the rest

Benefits of Patient Advocacy

Your health is your most precious possession for you and your family. We are here to make sure you stay as healthy as possible


Our customers come to us for all kinds of needs. Let them tell you why we've been so helpful

pa-tient ad-vo-cate (noun). 

1. one who protects the health interests of another

2. a "professional relative".

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How Can We Help?

Do you have healthcare concerns, for yourself or a family member, about which you do not know how to deal with?

Our advocates have over 60 years of medical experience with a wide range of different conditions.  We'll have the answers and options for your questions

Do you have a family member, who does not live nearby, but needs help with managing their healthcare needs?

Managing someones healthcare from across the country can be difficult.  Let us be the in-person assistance your family member needs

Have you ever found yourself in a healthcare setting, where you felt vulnerable or helpless, and wished that you had someone to contact who was looking out for your - and yours alone - best interest?

The healthcare system is complex and many times patients have trouble navigating it on their own. We have the expertise to oversee the care you are receiving, and to ensure that your care is optimal

Did you ever walk out of your doctor's office, wondering if you heard everything that he said, or if you will be able to remember what his recommendations were?

Paperwork, medical direction, medications to be filled, follow-up appointments.  Just a few items from a typical doctor's appointment.  We keep it organized for you so you can focus on getting better

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